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Sounds Jazz Club


Rue De La Tulipe, 28
Brussels, Belgium
ph. + 32 2 512 92 50
em. info@soundsjazzclub.be


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Date Time Title Price
Nov19Mon 21:30 21:30
Master Session @ Sounds Jazz Club
Nov22Thu 22:00 22:00
Amaury Faye
Nov26Mon 21:30 21:30
Master Session @ Sounds Jazz Club


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Sounds Jazz Club You are not in Chicago or New Orleans, you are in Ixelles. But if you are under the impression of being somewhere else, that’s understandable: the atmosphere, the fragrance, the warmth and the music have the color of true, authentic jazz. The Sounds, run since 1986 by Sergio Duvalloni and Rosy Merlini, has had the best Belgian and international jazzmen on stage, and the numerous memorable concerts make it a ‘must’ for all jazz fans and lovers of good music in general. There is not only the music, but also the style, the cocktails (Sergio!), the delicious Italian dishes (Rosy!) and the quality of an authentic Brussels venue.


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