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Jazz Station


Chaussée De Louvain,193
Brussels, Belgium
ph. 32 2 733 13 78
em. info@jazzstation.be


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Date Event Time / Price
Apr24Tue Jam Session avec les élèves du CRB 14:00
Jun22Fri Fabrizio Cassol 8:00 PM
Jun23Sat Fabrizio Cassol 8:00 PM

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Located in the totally renovated old railway station of Saint-Josse-ten-Node, this Brussels club has a special charm, with its modern architecture and decoration that finds its inspiration in the world of Jazz. In these pleasant surroundings, in comfort and enjoying good acoustics, you can hear varied, mature jazz, played by established artists or young rising talent. For this reason, the Brussels municipality of Saint-Josse-ten-Node sometimes refers to itself as St. Jazz-ten-Node.

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