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GHA Records


Rue Alexandre Markelbach 101
B-1030 Bruxelles (Belgique), Belgium
ph. 00 32 2 / 242 59 21

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GHA Records Time and experience have made it obvious that GHA RECORDS is the label for the guitar. GHA is about comprehending the guitar, presenting its vast repertoire, savouring its rich sonorities and discovering its most original and unexpected ambassadors. GHA also means listening to a generation of performers who are at the very peak of their artistry. . “ The one and only catalogue concerning the guitar” Le Monde de la Musique “A language marked by exemplary determination.” Diapason “The most prestigious names of the contemporary panorama of the guitar” Guitart “This small record company based in Brussels, has become the world's foremost source of important guitar recordings” CLASICAL GUITAR ALIVE! radio program KMFA 89.5 Austin, Texas

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  1. Ida E Volta Yamandu Costa
    Ida E Volta
    January 09, 2008

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